Uncanny X-Men (Vol 1) #45: When Mutants Clash!

Angel had been gone for too long. Cyclops is worried that Angel could have gotten recaptured by Magneto. If Angel does not come back with the Avengers soon, the rest of the X-Men would be “doomed”.

Using the sheer power of his optic blasts, Cyclops forces his visor open and blasts through the lead band covering his visor. He frees himself and goes in search of his team mates. He comes across Marvel Girl unconscious in her cell. She might not have the strength to fight so Cyclops leaves her for now to go in search of Beast and Iceman.

Toad spots Cyclops and hurries to warn Magneto. Cyclops sees Toad escape through a door and follows him. Cyclops has to stop Toad from reaching Magneto to warn him. He fears the safety of his team mates if Magneto found out he escaped.

Angel finally reaches New York City. He hurries in search of the Avengers.

Cyclops wanders through Magneto’s base and encounters Quicksilver. Quicksilver intercepts Cyclops, wanting a word with him. Cyclops attacks Quicksilver. Quicksilver tries to explain to Cyclops that Magneto’s intention is to “set up a sanctuary” for mutants. They would become citizens of their own country and finally have a place to live in peace away from humans.

Meanwhile, Toad finds Magneto and alerts him of Cyclops’ escape. Magneto punishes Toad for being useless as to stop Cyclops.

Cyclops refuses to believe Magneto’s good intentions and continues to fight Quicksilver. Magneto is pleased that Quicksilver is gaining the upper hand in the fight, but angry that Cyclops is not dead yet. Scarlet Witch is upset that Magneto is putting her brother in harm’s way.

Before Quicksilver knocks him unconscious, Cyclops manages to unleash a final optic blast to take Quicksilver out. Just then, the Avengers arrive.

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