Uncanny X-Men (Vol 1) #25: The Power and the Pendant!

After their weekend adventure, it is time for Jean to head back to Metro College. The X-Men are out in full force to escort their team mate back to school. They drive past Abercrombie Orphanage on the way into the city. The orphanage is on fire. The X-Men stop to rescue the children.

Cyclops and Marvel Girl are herding the children outside. Angel takes to the skies to rescue two girls trapped on a higher floor. Iceman and Beast also make haste to scale the building. As Iceman guides a boy down his ice ladder, the smoke gets thicker and the fire rages, melting the ladder. Marvel Girl telekinetically breaks their fall. Meanwhile, Beast is trapped inside the building with three children. Thinking quick on his feet, Cyclops blasts down a huge tree, creating a ramp for Beast and the children to climb out the window.

Shortly after, the firemen arrive. The X-Men disappear into the shadows, and re-emerge in their civilian garb. They continue their journey to Metro College. Ted Roberts is coincidentally there to greet Jean. Scott and Warren are jealous of Jean’s new friend, whom they consider to be another rival for her affections.

In Central America, El Tigre and his men seek buried treasure. After a day’s worth of digging, they uncover the “sacred gold of Kukulcán”. While sifting through the relics, El Tigre stumbles upon a mysterious glowing b”ornament”. He pockets the ornament.

In the night, El Tigre’s men gang up on their leader while he is asleep. They intend to kill him so they can make off with the treasure themselves. The ornament bestows upon El Tigre mental powers, and he awakens and learns of the treachery that is about to take place. He punishes his men. Realising that the broken ornament is the source of mystical powers, El Tigre desperately seeks the missing half so he can acquire the “full might of the God Kukulcán”.

Meanwhile the X-Men are back at the Institute studying in the library when the alarm goes off. Xavier activates his “mechanical legs” but is unable to walk down the stairs before the legs fail. In such an emergency, Xavier has some safety measures implemented. When he is safely in his wheelchair, Xavier proceeds to turn on Cerebro. But Cerebro is unable to give them a clear picture of who their foe is, or what his name is.

Nonetheless, they head into Manhattan to search for their foe. Angel does not see anything out of the ordinary from the skies. On the street, Hank and Bobby dismiss El Tigre and his men as tourists. El Tigre mentally evicts a passenger out of a taxi and rides to his hotel. At the hotel where Scott is stationed, he sees El Tigre and his men check into the hotel. Scott gets suspicious but dismisses his train of thought.

Instead, Scott rendezvous with his team mates at a nearby hotel. The news on tv reports nothing strange. Scott heads out to buy a newspaper. A man bumps into Scott and knocks his glasses off his face. Scott is exposed as a mutant and is chased by some angry passersby. Scott returns to the hotel just in time to see the latest news bulletin about a riot that broke out at a night club. The owner claims that all his customers just started brawling out of the blue. Except for three men. Scott recognises El Tigre and his men. Xavier telepathically confirms that El Tigre is whom they seek.

After the brawl, El Tigre and his men head back to their hotel. But El Tigre senses the police and has the taxi drive on and take them to the “City Museum”. Xavier had been mentally tracking El Tigre, and it is at this point that El Tigre senses the mental intrusion and blocks Xavier. The X-Men leap into action and head for the City Museum. They face off against El Tigre, whose powers give him the upper hand. The X-Men are not able to take him down via the element of surprise. Instead, Cyclops is caught by the guard, mentally controlled by El Tigre.

El Tigre finds the missing half of his ornament in an exhibit at the museum. With the pendent complete, he transforms into “the mighty God Kukulcán”.

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