Uncanny X-Men (Vol 1) #26: Holocaust!

Xavier has calibrated Cerebro so that he is able to observe what is going on at the museum. But he is still unable to contact the X-Men. He watches helplessly as Kukulcán’s powers grow exponentially.

Cyclops is unable to stop Kukulcán as Kukulcán is mind-controlling the security guard to hold Cyclops at gunpoint. But Cyclops had been slowly moving his hand towards his visor, and is finally able to blast the guard’s gun. He is now free to go after Kukulcán. Cyclops blasts Kukulcán but his blast deflects off Kukulcán’s body and knocks him unconscious.

El Tigre’s men approach Kukulcán, and angers him when they try to touch the pendant. He dismisses them. Needing to recharge, Kukulcán decides to return to the land that was once the “kingdom of the Mayas” San Rico. He flies through the night sky, appearing as a UFO to the casual observer.

Back at the museum, Iceman regains consciousness. He finds Angel and helps his team mate remove the poison dart from the back of his neck. Iceman and Angel go in search of Cyclops and Beast. Beast is awake, and tending to an unconscious Cyclops. They head back to the Institute.

Meanwhile, Xavier calls Jean at Metro College to help him research the Mayas. At the library, Ted introduces Jean to Calvin Rankin, whom the X-Men had previously fought as the Mimic. Xavier had the Mimic’s memories of the X-Men erased, thus Calvin struggles but is unable to recall Jean despite her looking familiar. Ted persists in asking Jean out on a date.

Xavier and the X-Men are looking at San Rico on a map when Jean arrives with the books Xavier had requested. Jean is anxious at the absence of Cyclops from the group. Xavier finds the information he seeks in the books. The “misuse of [the pendant’s] divine powers” that caused “a holocaust of violent upheaval” had been attributed to an assumed “volcanic eruption” that had wiped out the Mayas. But science does not explain the pendant’s powers that they had witness and Xavier wants the X-Men to head to San Rico.

Jean is relieved when Cyclops recovers and is able to rejoin the team downstairs. Cyclops catches the silent exchange between him and Jean and plucks up the courage to let her know after the mission that he loves her.

Cyclops: (Thoughts.) I thought I could love Jean in silence forever because of the menace of my deadly eyes! But today somehow I could sense that she cares for me as much as I do for her and in that split second, I knew that as soon as this mission is ended nothing on earth will keep me from telling her how I feel!

In San Rico, Kukulcán resurrects the forgotten pyramids of the Mayas. As he recharges his powers, he hypnotises the inhabitants of San Rico. He commands them to dig for gold in the abandoned quarry.

Xavier and the X-Men have arrived in San Rico. Cerebro indicates that Kukulcán’s quarry is located down the river from where they are stationed. Because Kukulcán’s powers are able to block Xavier from communicating with the X-Men, he will not be able to help them in their battle against Kukulcán. The X-Men will have to face Kukulcán alone. They gather supplies and ride a boat down the river.

They are attacked by a leopard from a tree branch overhanging the river. Iceman and Angel act quickly to fling the cat overboard. They then encounter rapids that tear up their boat. They make their way to shore and proceed on foot. Beast spots the pyramids in the distance from a tree.

But as the X-Men approach the pyramids, Kukulcán is alerted of their arrival. And he already has a trap waiting for them. The X-Men fall into the trap and Kukulcán sends some tribesmen to kill them. Iceman immediately throws up an ice shield to block the arrows while Cyclops blasts an escape tunnel for them to climb through. Then, they trick the tribesmen into the trap.

Next, the X-Men have to take out the policemen guarding the pyramid. Angel causes a diversion that distracts Kukulcán. Beast attempts to steal the pendant from Kukulcán but is blinded by it. Iceman and Cyclops attack Kukulcán but Iceman is weakened by the heat radiating from Kukulcán. Beast investigates the “Solar Stone” and discovers it to be made of the same material as the pendant, and deduces it to be the source of Kukulcán’s power. He joins Angel in distracting Kukulcán while Iceman covers the “Solar Stone” with ice to prevent it from absorbing anymore solar energy.

Angel intends to “dive bomb” Kukulcán, at the same time Cyclops has the idea to take down Kukulcán with a “full power” optic blast from behind. Unfortunately for the X-Men, Cyclops’ blast hits Angel instead of Kukulcán. Kukulcán then blasts Cyclops away and goes for Iceman and Beast.

Seeing Iceman tampering with the “Solar Stone” enrages Kukulcán. But he is losing his power and his blast is not powerful enough to reach Iceman. He decides to blast the ground beneath the “Solar Stone” thinking it will destroy Iceman. This act causes an earthquake that sinks the pyramids instead.

Kukulcán transforms back into El Tigre, whom the X-Men apprehend. Angel accuses Cyclops of blasting him on purpose “because of Marvel Girl”. Cyclops is feeling immense guilt about having hurt his team mate but is unsure himself whether he subconsciously wanted to hurt Angel.

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