Uncanny X-Men (Vol 1) #32: Beware the Juggernaut, My Son!

The X-Men, Zelda, and Vera are throwing Bobby a surprise party at Coffee A Go-Go to celebrate his eighteenth birthday. Even Bernard the poet joins in the fun and offers to pen Bobby “a few lines of verse”. Zelda whisks Bobby out of his chair to dance. Vera attempts to coax Hank onto the dance floor. Scott and Jean waltz and wonder about their relationship at present.

Jean: (Thoughts.) Scott’s finally starting to act as if I’m alive--just as I’ve always wanted him to! Or is he only being polite because I don’t have a date?
Scott: (Thoughts.) Jean seems so pensive so distant! Could it be that she’s thinking of her college friend, Ted Roberts? Have I waited too long to tell her I love her?

Just then, Warren interrupts the party with his date, Candy Southern. Warren introduces Candy to the gang. After that, they all settle down for Bernard’s performance.

Back at the Institute, it is revealed that Xavier has been hiding his half-brother, Cain Marko, locked up. Since the X-Men last fought the Juggernaut, Cain has been in a coma. Xavier has been trying to “restore [Cain] to normal life”. He blames himself for letting Cain turn into the Juggernaut.

After Bernard’s performance, the party is crashed by “Satan’s Saints”, a group of biker thugs. They are mad because Zelda “turned down a date” with their leader. The X-Men defend themselves against the bikers, but take precautions to not reveal their mutant abilities. Soon, the police arrive to apprehend the bikers.

Meanwhile, Xavier prepares to “drain [his] step-brother of the awesome power which courses thru him” in hopes this will fix Cain. Unfortunately, Xavier’s plan backfires and the Juggernaut is awakened. With Xavier unconscious, the Juggernaut dons his helmet and escapes.

Zelda kisses Bobby goodnight on the lips when he sees her back to her flat. An excited Bobby wants to race Hank back to the Institute.

Candy invites Warren into her apartment for “a mean cup of cocoa”. Candy is playing hard to get. Warren decides to take it slow in pursuing Candy.

Scott and Jean are taking a stroll in “Mid-City Park”. Reading between the lines of their conversation, they come to a sort of understanding that their affections for each other are reciprocated.

Jean: “Lovely evening for a stroll, isn’t it, Scott?”
Jean: (Thoughts.) As if I care whether it’s clear or storming As long as I’m near you!
Scott: “Too bad we have to get back to the school right away!”
Scott: (Thoughts.) No! We can’t go back not just yet!
Scott: “Jean you and the others must have wondered sometimes why I’m rather aloof--sort of a loner! Maybe I’m just making excuses for myself but, I’ve always thought that my deadly eyes set me apart--in a world of my own! Since I feel I’m a potential threat to anyone I meet anyone I know I’ve always tried to keep everybody at arm’s length!
Jean: “ I supposed I’ve always suspected as much! Still, you mustn’t feel you’re so totally alone! There are other people in the world, Scott and, some of them do care!
Scott: “Thanks, Jean! I just had to get it off my chest--to try to find someone who understands!
Jean: ”I do understand Scott believe me!”
Jean: (Thoughts.) And now that I do, Mr Summers, I’ll never rest till I break thru the rest of that shell of yours and find out if it’s Jean Grey you want, or only pity!
Scott: “Well, we’d better go!
Scott: (Thoughts.) She does love me--I know she does! And, I must tell her how I feel soon!

The Juggernaut watches was Warren is the first to return to the Institute. Seeing as the lights are out, Warren changes into his X-Men costume and cautiously enters, fearing him might walk into another trap. Angel searches the place frantically for Xavier. He is startled by Beast, who thought Angel was an intruder. Beast and Angel get into a scuffle in the dark. Cyclops turns the light on, revealing the misunderstanding. Marvel Girl and Iceman also gather.

Suddenly, the X-Men hear the alarm set off by Cerebro. This meant that there was a real intruder. But to their surprise, Cerebro was registering them as the intruders and the building starts attacking them. While evading the security measures, the Angel flies into the Juggernaut and is knocked unconscious. The Juggernaut intended to lure them down to the basement.

Beast and Iceman attempt to pry the Juggernaut’s helmet off his head. But the Juggernaut had gained Xavier’s telepathy and anticipated their every move. Beast and Iceman run into each other instead and knock each other out. Cyclops blasts the Juggernaut and orders Marvel Girl to evacuate for her safety. Cyclops is knocked out by the Juggernaut, and Marvel Girl is prevented from escaping by “sonic waves--cancelling out [her] levitational power”. The Juggernaut triumphs over Marvel Girl mentally. Then he starts punching walls down to “bury Xavier and his previous mutants” when he is telepathically contacted by Factor Three.

Factor Three wants to recruit the Juggernaut as their ally and claimed to have “released [him] from [his] coma”. The Juggernaut agrees and leaves the Institute. A burst water pipe floods the basement. The X-Men are revived, and they find Xavier nearby, unconscious. But they are unable to revive their comatose mentor.

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