Uncanny X-Men (Vol 1) #33: Into the Crimson Cosmos!

The Juggernaut intends to hijack a plane to reach Factor Three. Cyclops had called the Governor who sent out the National Guard but they failed to stop the Juggernaut.

Marvel Girl uses the “mental-wave amplifier” in an attempt to “probe the professor’s subconscious and learn what put him in a coma”. She glimpses into the past, where “the Ancient One” sought out the “Ruby of the Crimson Bands” to “observe and learn”. He is attacked by Xorak, the guardian of the temple who kills anyone who seeks the ruby. “the Ancient One” banishes Xorak into the ruby. Marvel Girl stops probing Xavier’s mind for fear it will weaken him too much.

Before heading off to stop the Juggernaut, the X-Men set up the “mentallo-shield” to stabilise Xavier. Then, they attempt to find “the Ancient One” to learn how to stop the Juggernaut. But Cerebro contacts Dr Strange instead, the “mystic disciple”. Dr Strange agrees to help the X-Men seek knowledge about the ruby, but he can only bring two X-Men with him on this “dangerous” journey. Cyclops picks Marvel Girl to go with Dr Strange, while the rest of the X-Men are to “delay the Juggernaut as long as possible”.

Cyclops: (Thoughts.) But, did I pick her because of her great telekinetic power or, selfishly, because I love her.
Marvel Girl: (Thoughts.) Scott chose me as if he knew how much I long to share his risks! I won’t let him down!

Dr Strange “[casts] a spell to send [Cyclops and Marvel Girl] to the temple of Cyttorak” While they attempt to infiltrate the temple, some guards patrolling the area appear. Marvel Girl telekinetically causes a landslide to scare the guards away. The two find the ruby in the temple and are drawn to it. The ruby sucks them into its depths, where they meet Xorak.

Meanwhile, the Juggernaut reaches the airport to steal a plane. Angel, Beast and Iceman are headed towards the Juggernaut in a helicopter. The X-Men try to use the helicopter to take down the Juggernaut, but he destroys the helicopter instead.

Xorak attacks Cyclops and Marvel Girl with the “scarlet circles of doom”. Marvel Girl telekinetically deflects the disks and aims them at Xorak. The disks explode on contact with Xorak, causing him to disappear. Where Xorak disappeared appeared a “bright scarlet glow” Cyclops and Marvel Girl chase the light, but become entangled in “crimson tentacles” unravelled from the disks. They are in danger of being eaten by an overgrown Xorak. Then, Xorak disappears again “in a blinding flash, just like before”. They realise they are stuck in a time loop. Marvel Girl glances at her watch and sees that the one hour Dr Strange gave them is nearly up. Cyclops notices that Xorak is afraid of the watch’s “ticking”. They threaten Xorak to give up the ruby. He refuses and ages and disintegrates before them. Cyclops and Marvel Girl get to the ruby just in time. They return to the Institute.

Without a moment to lose, Cyclops and Marvel Girl take off in a jet to where their team mates are fighting the Juggernaut.

Xavier is alone at the Institute and is kidnapped by Factor Three.

Angel, Beast and Iceman are keeping the Juggernaut occupied when Cyclops and Marvel Girl show up with the ruby. The Juggernaut grabs the ruby from Cyclops, but instead of gaining more power, the ruby takes the power of the Juggernaut away from Cain. Cain disappears, along with the ruby.

The X-Men return to the Institute to find Xavier missing.

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