Uncanny X-Men (Vol 1) #36: Mekano Lives!

Beast is taking care of two burglars in the mansion while the rest of the X-Men are in the basement with Cerebro. Marvel Girl chides Iceman for being impatient. They need to formulate a plan to rescue Xavier before they can leap into action. Beast is still occupied with the burglars while the team pinpoints Factor Three’s location in the Alps. When Beast finally subdues the burglars, the X-Men wipe their memories before letting them go.

The X-Men fret about how to get to Europe in a rush. Their X-Jet does not have enough fuel for the journey. Warren’s parents are away on a cruise and he cannot reach them to borrow money from. Warren and Jean also tried to apply for a “welfare loan” but were rejected.

They drive past a construction site when Scott gets an idea. He, Warren and Jean will use their powers doing construction work to earn some wages. Meanwhile, Bobby and Hank have another plan to earn money in Greenwich Village. The team agrees to rendezvous at noon.

But it is tough luck for Cyclops, Marvel Girl and Angel. The construction foreman is unable to pay them because they are not unionised. On top of that, their car got towed because they committed a parking offence. They were lucky to run into a student willing to give them a lift to Greenwich Village, whom they grow suspicious about because of his affluent appearance for a college student and mysterious package that they got yelled at for asking about.

Scott, Jean and Warren find Beast and Iceman performing before a crowd. They also spot two policemen who are not too pleased with the crowd that have gathered to watch the mutant street performers.

Suddenly, a costumed man who calls himself Mekano appears. He names Beast and Iceman as his accomplices and proceeds to stir trouble. This results in Iceman getting arrested, and Beast beat up by Mekano. Cyclops and Angel try to stop Mekano from destroying the library, but are cornered by the police instead. Marvel Girl comes to her team mates’ rescue and takes out the police. Mekano evades the X-Men and heads for the “audio-visual section”. He destroys some equipment before Cyclops and Angel show up. Mekano defeats them with his strength and escapes. He is finally stopped by Marvel Girl using her telekinesis as his dangles from the side of a building.

The police arrive and are ready to arrest Mekano and the X-Men for damaging the library. Mr Regal, founder of the library, approaches the police, intending to settle this matter himself. He reveals Mekano to be his son, after recognising his son’s voice under the costume. Mekano caused the ruckus only to get the attention of his father who had time for everyone except his son. As repayment for helping father and son reconcile, Mr Regal offers the X-Men a cash reward to help them with their plane fare to Europe.

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