Uncanny X-Men (Vol 1) #37: We, the Jury...

Factor Three analyses the X-Men’s abilities while the X-Men make their way to Europe. Suddenly, the plane the X-Men are travelling in is attacked by Factor Three. Factor Three means to destroy the plane with all its passengers just to eliminate the X-Men, and it is by luck that Factor Three missed their first shot. The X-Men decide to evacuate the plane to save the rest of the passengers.

As they dive out of the plane, Cyclops unleashes his optic blasts at Factor Three’s “flying egg” and destroys it, unintentionally. Now, they refocus their attention slowing their descent. Jean is using her telekinesis to steady herself and Bobby. Scott tries to help Warren rip his jacket and harness off so Warren can release his wings. But Scott only manages halfway before his glasses were “blown off”. Jean’s telekinesis is out of range to slow Scott’s free fall.

Hank grabs the briefcase that Warren tossed so Warren can free his wings. Hank also notices Scott falling towards a rock “pinnacle”. He tries to shove Scott from harm’s way but lacks the momentum to do so. He urges Scott to blast away the rocks instead to save them both. Warren finally frees his wings and comes to the aid of Scott and Hank. He tries to help Jean and Bobby as well but four people are too heavy for him to support. Jean is exhausted so it is up to Bobby to slow them down with his ice slides. The slides lessen the impact but does not make for a graceful landing.

Once safely on the ground, the X-Men barely have time to change into their costumes before they are discovered by Factor Three. The X-Men try to evade Factor Three, but are gassed unconscious. When they come to, they are greeted by the Vanisher, Unus, Blob and Mastermind, whom they believe are running Factor Three. Cyclops demands to see Xavier and the Banshee.

The Mutant-Master denies their demands. As his prisoners, the X-Men are to stand trial for “betraying the cause of [their] fellow mutants -- by acting as the friends of the homo sapients”. One by one, the Vanisher, Unus, Blob and Mastermind give their accounts of how the X-Men used their powers against them.

Before the Mutant-Master delivers the X-Men’s sentence, he reveals to them his plans for world domination by destroying all humans. And he intends to control the X-Men to do his bidding. As the X-Men are strapped into the mind-control machines, Cyclops thinks quick and with the help of Iceman and Marvel Girl, short-circuits the machine and frees the X-Men. The robot guard is no match of the X-Men and they make quick work of it. But the Mutant-Master and the evil mutants have already left to wage war on humankind.

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