Uncanny X-Men (Vol 1) #54: Wanted: Dead or Alive...Cyclops!

The X-Men attend the graduation of Scott’s brother, Alex. Alex is not quite aware of his mutant powers yet. Scott introduces Alex to the team. After that, Alex returns to his room to get changed before getting drinks with the X-Men.

Alex is ambushed and kidnapped by two men dressed in ancient Egyptian guard outfits. Scott gets worried when his brother is taking a long time to change out of his graduation gown. They find that Alex has gone missing. Jean tries to telepathically “pick up mind patterns of the last people” in Alex’s room.

The Pharaoh has captured Alex to kill him in fear that Alex will “challenge [his] power”. The X-Men have managed to uncover the whereabouts of the Pharaoh’s lair and stop him from killing Alex. The Pharaoh finds himself outmatched by the five X-Men, and summons more guard to assist him. Angel, Beast and Iceman keep the onslaught of guards busy while Cyclops and Marvel Girl take on the Pharaoh.

While sparring one-on-one Cyclops finds his optic blast weakening. Marvel Girl decides to telepathically assist him, but the Pharaoh deflects her powers back at her, and at the other X-Men as well. This distraction allows the Pharaoh and his guards to retreat. Cyclops frees Alex from his shackles. Alex finds out that his brother and new friends are mutant superheroes. The X-Men leave Cyclops to talk to Alex in private, and make their way back to the Institute.

As Cyclops tries to explain the X-Men to Alex, suddenly the Pharaoh appears and places “the curse of--the Pharaoh’s Eyes” on the brothers. Cyclops awakens to find Alex has disappeared and the Pharaoh lying unconscious on the floor. Two policemen come across the scene and assume that Cyclops had murdered the Pharaoh. Cyclops evades arrest and hurries deeper into the tunnels in search of Alex.

Back at the Institute, Jean, Hank, Warren and Bobby are shocked to hear on the radio that Cyclops is now a fugitive for the murder of the Pharaoh and the assault of two policemen.

The police are on the hunt for Cyclops. Meanwhile, Cyclops comes to a light inside the tunnels, and sees the Pharaoh standing in front of him, alive.

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