Uncanny X-Men (Vol 1) #55: The Living Pharaoh!

The Pharaoh wants Cyclops to bow and serve him. Cyclops fights back, but holds back on destroying the Pharaoh, in hopes of finding Alex.

In the city, the police are still on the hunt for Cyclops. Above the city, the X-Men are flying in their jet. Marvel Girl picks up the faint “thought waves” of Cyclops. They rush towards his location.

Cyclops is locked in physical combat with the Pharaoh. Marvel Girl’s mental connection alerted Cyclops that his team mates are on the way, but it also distracted him from the fight. It gives the Pharaoh the upper hand and he knocks out Cyclops. Marvel Girl loses contact with Cyclops, but at the same time, she picks up another “mental pattern somehow like Scott’s...yet somehow horribly evil”.

The Pharaoh places Cyclops in a trunk and checks him in as cargo on his flight to Egypt. Once in the airplane, Cyclops is released from the trunk. But he finds a helmet on his head preventing him from using his powers. He finds Alex trapped inside the Mummy case.

But Cyclops’ regaining consciousness means Marvel Girl can once again track his movements. The X-Men follow the airplane. The Pharaoh hits the X-Men’s jet with rays from his ankh, causing Beast to lose control of the jet. Angel manages to slow the jet so the X-Men land safely in the ocean.

The Pharaoh brings Cyclops and Alex to one of the pyramids and intends to bury them alive by drowning in side the pyramid. The Pharaoh leaves the chamber and Cyclops proceeds to smash his helmet into the Mummy case, hoping to crack it to free Alex. Cyclops is successful in releasing Alex, and the two brothers take on the guards. One of the guards goes to alert the Pharaoh.

With his helmet off, Cyclops is once again able to use his powers against the guards. The Pharaoh rushes back into the Pyramid. But he is stopped by the X-Men who have arrived to rescue Cyclops and Alex. Angel keeps the Pharaoh in the air while Iceman freezes the guards on the ground and Beast stampedes through them.

The Pharaoh regains his composure and summons the power of his ankh. Alex instinctively “gestured--as if by some kind of reflex action” and blasts the Pharaoh off the top of the pyramid. The ankh is destroyed. Without his source of power, the Pharaoh orders his guards to flee.

Alex has manifested his powers “in a moment of stress”. Cyclops explains that means Alex is a mutant as well.

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