Uncanny X-Men (Vol 1) #57: The Sentinels Live!

Lorna is practicing her powers in her apartment when she is attacked and captured by two Sentinels.

The X-Men and Alex are still in Egypt. Alex tells the X-Men and a depowered Pharaoh to stay back from him as he is dangerous. Alex is terrified of his powers, seeing as how easily he “razed a whole temple” to the ground.

Iceman returns with the local police. The police chief recognises the Pharaoh as Professor Abdol. Abdol leverages his credibility to accuse Alex of all the damages. The police call for Alex’s arrest. Panicked, Alex manifests his powers and blasts the police. The X-Men step in to help disarm the police. Amidst the commotion, Alex runs away.

Cyclops is angry that the police have chased Alex away. With nightfall approaching, it will be hard to find Alex. He unleashes a full optic blast to take out the police. The X-Men hurry off in the jet to track down Alex.

Alex wonders deep into the caverns, afraid. Suddenly, a Sentinel approaches and captures him.

Cyclops comes up with another plan to help their search. They can make use of Cerebro to find Alex. He attempts to contact Lorna to help them set up Cerebro in the the Institute, but discover that her apartment is in ruins and she is nowhere to be found. Iceman is distraught for Lorna’s safety and insists on returning to New York. Cyclops lets Iceman and Beast return to New York in the jet while he, Marvel Girl and Angel continue on foot to search for Alex.

When Iceman and Beast get to Lorna’s apartment, the police arrive as well and think that the X-Men were responsible for Lorna’s disappearance. Iceman and Beast escape out the window and seek shelter at Scott’s apartment. Beast turns the television on to see if there has been any news report on Lorna’s disappearance. Instead, they find out that Bolivar Trask’s son has resurrected the Sentinels to wage a new war against mutants.

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