Uncanny X-Men (Vol 1) #58: Mission: Murder!

A Sentinel tracks down Beast and Iceman at Scott’s apartment. They put up a fight against the Sentinel. Iceman is knocked off his feet by a blast and Beast is snared. Iceman distracts the Sentinel with three Iceman sculptures, giving him ample time to freeze the rope around Beast so he can break free, as well as to grab Scott’s “miniature tv-sender”. Iceman throws up an ice igloo to hold back the Sentinel, letting Beast escape. Iceman ends up captured by the Sentinel. Satisfied with one mutant captive, the Sentinel leaves. Beast feels guilty about leaving his team mate behind.

Meanwhile in Egypt, Angel has no luck locating Alex. Scott and Jean have changed back to civilian clothing and are telecommunicating with Hank. Hank informs them that the Sentinels are back and they have Bobby. Angel is upset and wants to return to New York. Scott warns him that he has never flown that far before, but Angel takes off for New York regardless.

Larry Trask is overseeing his mutant captives. He has Iceman depowered for four hours, then released and secretly recorded Iceman’s intended attack on him for blackmail. Larry wants to avenge his father’s death by destroying the X-Men.

Iceman is thrown into a cell where Lorna and Alex, aka Havok, are held. Havok tells Iceman that he asked to be put in the cell because he cannot control his powers, and Lorna too. Iceman lashes out at Havok for not fighting his way out. Lorna tries to calm Iceman, saying that if not for Alex, she would have been left alone with the Sentinels. While Iceman and Havok bicker, a Sentinel enters and grabs Lorna. Havok unleashes a full blast at the Sentinel. Larry blasts Havok with a device to “repel the cosmic rays which empower him”, depowering him. Lorna is outfited with “anti-polar armbands” to depower her as well.

On live television, a debate is happening with a panel of experts. Professor Abdol is being interviewed as a witness to the X-Men’s violence. But with Havok depowered, Abdol now feels his powers returning to him, and is tranforming back into the Pharaoh. The Sentinels subdue him with “liquid adhesive” designed to block his exposure to “cosmic rays”.

Meanwhile, Angel has returned to New York. Sentinels are dispatched to take him down. Scott and Jean watch in horror in their airplane as Angel is captured by the Sentinels. Despite detecting Scott and Jean, the Sentinels are only programmed to capture one mutant at a time.

The Sentinels also invade Magneto’s lair. They destroy Magneto, exposing him to be merely an android and not the real Magneto. Mesmero is captured by the Sentinels.

Judge Chalmers has come to Larry to caution him on his brazen capture of mutants. There has been no sure proof that mutants are a public menace of late. Chalmers also wants to make sure that the mutants are treated humanely. This infuriates Larry, who wants revenge on mutants for his parents’ death.

Banshee invades Larry’s lair with his sonic blasts. The Sentinels quickly stop Banshee. Larry gives the Sentinels the command to destroy all mutants in sight. To stop his madness, Chalmers yanks Larry’s medallion from his neck. In an ironic twist of fate, Larry himself is a mutant, and Boliver Trask created a medallion for his son Larry to wear to suppress his mutant powers. Now, the very Sentinels Larry had programmed to destroy mutants are going to destroy him.

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