Uncanny X-Men (Vol 1) #60: In the Shadow of...Sauron!

Cyclops races his brother to Dr Lykos. The X-Men are unsure if they can trust Dr Lykos, even if Xavier had worked with him before. Cyclops is worried that human doctors will refuse to treat Havok. Beast spots police helicopters on their tail and tries to fly an evasive course. The X-Men offer to drop off Lorna but she feels safer with the X-Men now that mutants are being hunted again.

Dr Lykos is finishing up treatment with a patient when Scott and Jean arrive at his office with Alex. He chases Scott and Jean out after a hasty examination of Alex’s condition. Lykos states that he needs to conduct his treatment in private. Scott and Jean should check back later in the evening and he can discuss with them then at length.

Jean persuades Scott to take a break and leave Alex to the doctor. They return to the Institute. It is eerily quiet but Scott hears noises coming from behind a wall. He rushes in to investigate, forgetting that the sounds are coming from the Danger Room.

Scott and Jean walk into Beast, Angel and Iceman running a training simulation. Cyclops changes into his costume and rushes to join in the training. Jean and Lorna watch on, amused.

Dr Lykos finishes his treatment for Alex for the day. He sends the nurse away. He recalls the day he took his family on an expedition in the Antarctic. One of the children, Tanya, goes missing and the adults launch a search party. Lykos follows Tanya’s screams into a cave and finds her attacked by pteranodons. Tanya is unharmed, but Lykos is badly scratched and a fever soon takes hold. After a few hours when the fever dies down, Lykos’ dog visits him, but after hugging his dog, Lykos drains lifeforce from it and from then on, the dog feared him. Lykos recovers, but finds that as he grows older, he finds himself needing to absorb lifeforce from others. After his father dies, Lykos is taken in by Tanya and her father. Lykos and Tanya fall in love, but Tanya’s father does not approve of their relationship. Lykos works hard to become a successful doctor to impress Tanya. But his appetite for human lifeforce only grows and he has to create machines to drain enough from others to keep him alive. One day, he finally transforms into a half-pteranodon, half-human creature who goes by Sauron.

Meanwhile, the X-Men are watching the news reports of the public unrest surrounding mutants. There was a robbery and the public jumped to a conclusion that a mutant with wings is the culprit. Warren wants to “squash that rumor...and the insect who started it”. Scott tells Warren to calm down as they have decided to stay out of the limelight until the unrest settles. Warren storms off in anger and decides to take matters into his hands as a vigilante, like he used to be.

The X-Men agree to let Angel go off without interferring. Angel comes face-to-face with the reported winged mutant, Sauron.

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