Uncanny X-Men (Vol 1) #61: Monsters Also Weep

Sauron hypnotises Angel into thinking he is fighting three winged monsters. He flies in loops to avoid the monsters, but when he accidentally spreads his wings too far and cuts through one of the monsters, he realises that the monsters are just illusions. The monsters fade away, and Sauron reappears again.

As Angel gives chase, the rest of the X-Men appear to give Angel a hand. Cyclops hits Sauron with an optic blast. Marvel Girl follows up with a “mental bombardment”. Sauron hypnotises her and for a moment she sees her team mates as monsters.

Sauron is distracted, and Angel flies in to throw some punches. Sauron grabs Angel, but is attacked by Beast. Then Iceman swoops in to try to freeze Sauron. But Sauron breaks Iceman’s ice slide instead, and Marvel Girl has to telekinetically break his fall.

Back at Lykos’s office, Alex is still unconscious. The telephone rings. Alex does not stir and the telephone keeps ringing until a woman disconnects the call.

Outside, Sauron grows weary of the fight and decides to retreat. Suddenly, he finds himself transforming back into a human. Quickly, he hypnotises Angel to carry him away to safety before he loses the ability to fly as a human. Lykos returns to his office where Tanya is waiting for him. She had tried calling his office from her hotel when she snuck back to New York to see him. She thought something bad had happened to him.

The X-Men rush over to Lykos’ office to fetch Alex home. They are worried about Angel but Scott thinks that Angel will be unharmed for now. Alex seems refreshed after the treatment. He tells Scott that Lykos helped him get “rid of most of that...excess energy” and now he feels better than ever. Tanya has come to tell Lykos that she wants to be married to him. But Tanya’s father had followed her and forbids them to marry. Lykos staties that he won’t marry her, breaking Tanya’s heart. Then he continues to rave about becoming so powerful he is able to “take and hold” what he desires.

The X-Men are still in the office while this personal exchange takes place. They apologise for intruding and politely ask for the bill for Alex’s treatment. But Lykos continues raving like a lunatic.

Upon their return to the Institute, Lorna anxiously tells the X-Men that Angel came back and has not been able to snap out of a trance. Angel starts panicking when he hears the name Lykos and Beast knocks him unconscious for his safety. Cyclops decides that the X-Men should bring in Dr Lykos for some answers. He passes Lorna and Alex Xavier’s notes for them to comb for information on Lykos.

While the X-Men are out, Lorna diligently pours over the notes. Alex is asleep. Lykos sneaks in and absorbs Lorna’s lifeforce and turns back into Sauron. He goes to the home of Tanya and her father to kill her father. The X-Men are hot on Sauron’s heels and chases him out of Tanya#&8217;s house. Sauron escapes, deciding that for Tanya’s sake he cannot kill her father. Tanya goes after Sauron.

Sauron returns to his father’s cabin in Antarctica. He decides to live out the rest of his life in solitude. Tanya comes to the cabin to look for him. But he does not want to ruin her life and jumps off the cliff. Tanya runs after him and is about to jump as well when Iceman throws up an ice shield just in time to stop her.

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