Uncanny X-Men (Vol 1) #62: Strangers in a Savage Land

When Angel comes to, Lykos had attacked Lorna and gone. The X-Men were also out searching for Lykos. Angel tells Lorna and Alex that Lykos is Sauron, and he needs to warn his team mates. Angel goes to Lykos’s office, only to find Tanya’s distraught father. He tells Angel that Tanya had run off after Lykos. Angel comes across a journal in Lykos’s office and finds an entry about his childhood home in Antarctica. But Angel is too late as Lykos had jumped off the cliff. Tanya tells Angel that the X-Men have gone to look for Lykos’s body. Angel heads in the direction of the X-Men and down the chasm, but exhaustion takes over and he crash lands in the Savage Land. He is rescued by a white-haired human and his amphibious companion.

Meanwhile, the X-Men are battling a tyrannosaurus. They are stopped from causing anymore harm in the jungle by Ka-Zar. As quickly as he comes, Ka-Zar is gone. He has a conflict to settle with the “swamp savages” invading his jungle. The leader of the invaders uses his mutant powers against Ka-Zar. The X-Men step in to help Ka-Zar.

The white-haired stranger takes Angel back to his lair where he revives him from near-death. Suddenly, the leader of the swamp savages rushes in. He had captured Ka-Zar before the X-Men attacked them. The white-haired stranger somehow convinces Angel that Ka-Zar foiling his good work in the Savage Land, and that Ka-Zar and the X-Men must be stopped.

Ka-Zar thanks the X-Men for saving his life, but does not want them to get involved in his business. He tries to shake them off again, but the X-Men insist on helping. THey chase Ka-Zar through the caverns and encounter a sea monster. The X-Men think that Ka-Zar is abandoning them to the sea monster when he continues running. In fact, Ka-Zar has located the piper controlling the sea monster. He stops the piper from playing and the sea monster leaves peacefully.

The white-haired stranger explains to Angel that due to radiation in the Savage Land, some primitive men have become mutants and were outcast by their people. He rescued them and taught them how to control their powers. But Ka-Zar wants to put an end to his good work. Angel offers to negotiate a truce between him and Ka-Zar and departs immediately to find Ka-Zar and the X-Men.

Little does Angel know that the white-haired stranger is actually Magneto plotting to take over the world.

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