Uncanny X-Men (Vol 1) #98: Merry Christmas, X-Men

It is a white Christmas in New York and the X-Men are out about town. Kurt and Piotr wander off in pursuit of two attractive women. Sean and Moira go off to do some sightseeing. Seeing the snow, Ororo reminisces about the snowcapped slopes of Mount Kilimanjaro of her homeland. Wolverine states in his usual grumpy mood that he does not intend to celebrate Christmas.

Scott and Jean meanwhile have a dinner date at a restaurant in the Rockfeller Centre. Suddenly, they are attacked by the Sentinels. The Sentinels hurl a deadly blast at Scott. Thinking that they killed him, the Sentinels take off with a captive Jean. Unknown to them, Scott is hanging on for dear life to a radio mast.

The other X-Men catch sight of the falling wreckage of a destroyed Sentinel and jump into costumed action. Storm rescues Scott off the crumbling metal structure. She then summons a hurricane, sending the Sentinels flying into the storm.

In the Bahamas, Professor Xavier is vacationing on a private yacht with Peter Corbeau, director of a project called Starcore that tracks the Milky Way. Xavier is intent on finding out the alien creatures he saw in his dreams. Suddenly, he is attacked by a Sentinel rising out of the water and captured.

Kurt and Piotr are strolling on Manhattan’s seaport with their dates when Moira comes running to them, urgently seeking their help. Together with Storm and Cyclops, the five of them return to the Institute. Cyclops uses Cerebro to track the whereabouts of Jean, Wolverine and Banshee who have been captured.

Meanwhile, an organisation called the Hellfire Club are monitoring the X-Men. The Hellfire Club works for Steven Lang, the man in charge of the Sentinel operation.

Four days later, the captured X-Men are on a space station. Lang is with them, determined to use the Sentinels to destroy all mutant kind. When Lang slaps Jean for talking back to him, Wolverine breaks free of his holds in a rage and destroys the Sentinel guard in the room, sending Lang and the other men running. Jean and Banshee are freed, and fight a new army of Sentinels on their heels. They manage to escape, only to find themselves being thrown into space.

On Earth, Cyclops is exasperated that he cannot find his team mates. Cerebro alerts him to an intruder, who turns out to be Dr. Corbeau, who has come to alert the X-Men about Xavier’s capture, and than him and the X-Men are captive on a space station.

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(Classic X-Men #6 is a reprint of Uncanny X-Men (Vol 1) #98.)