Uncanny X-Men (Vol 1) #99: Deathstar, Rising!

Jean, Banshee and Wolverine, having escaped Lang, find themselves floating in space. Lang dispatches the Sentinels to rescue them.

Cyclops and Corbeau do a little digging into the Sentinel project. They arrive at the conclusion that the Sentinels are based at an Orbital Platform in space.

Corbeau and the X-Men (disguised as Corbeau’s crew) enter the Kennedy Space Centre for the launch of the Starcore space shuttle. Using her powers, Storm clears the fog to enable the shuttle to take off.

Meanwhile, the Sentinel attack has left a widespread anti-mutant hysteria in the United States.

Back in the shuttle, Corbeau and the X-Men are strapped in awaiting the launch and heading for the Starcore One base.

In a village near Dublin, Ireland, a man urgently mails a letter to Sean Cassidy, the mutant known as Banshee. Help is sought to put an end to his cousin, Black Tom’s madness.

At the Hellfire Club, the “Council of the Chosen” has a conference with Lang. Lang convinces the Hellfire Club that the capture of mutants is to study their genes and “reproducing” their powers in the club members. But only the chairman of the club knows the real truth behind Lang’s intent to wipe out the mutant race.

As the solar flare reaches dangerous levels, Corbeau requests sanctuary on board Lang’s space station, revealed to be an abandoned S.H.I.E.L.D. station. Sensing mutants on board, Lang sends out an army of Sentinels after Corbeau’s shuttle. Corbeau rams the shuttle into Lang’s station and the X-Men fight the Sentinels. On the station, Cyclops receives a mental message from Jean telling him where she and Xavier, Banshee and Wolverine are held captive.

Cyclops sends the entire team to rescue Banshee and Wolverine in the “B” deck while him and Corbeau will tackle Lang himself and free Jean and Xavier in the main deck. It is then Lang unleashes the X-Men’s most feared and deadly foes yet.

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(Classic X-Men #7 is a reprint of Uncanny X-Men (Vol 1) #99.)