Uncanny X-Men (Vol 1) #113: Showdown!

With no superheroes to stop him, Magneto goes on a havoc-wrecking rampage.

Meanwhile on an island off Southern Greece where Xavier and Lilandra are relaxing, Xavier is suddenly distressed by the fact that he had lost “telepathic rapport” with his X-Men.

The captive X-Men have been regressed to the physical state of infants with Magneto’s contraptions and a robot nanny to babysit them, but not their minds, driving the X-Men insane, especially Wolverine, lacking the willed patience of his team mates Banshee and Nightcrawler. It is Magneto’s revenge for when the X-Men regressed him into the physical and mental state of an infant.

When the nanny has left the room, Storm retrieves her lock picks, hidden in her headdress, and using her training from when she was a child, starts to pick the complex lock of her shackles. She had nearly freed herself when she lets the lock pick slip from her grasp, leaving her humiliated in her defeat.

Magneto makes a brief return to his home and research base, Asteroid M. Satisfied with some test results, Magneto returns to Earth to check on the X-Men. He finds the X-Men have escaped imprisonment, thanks to Storm’s lock picking efforts. Under Cyclops’ command, the team work in tandem and subdue Magneto. But Phoenix’s blasts have damaged the “main control console systems”, and the base is collapsing inward, causing the volcano to erupt.

Magneto escapes in time to see the base totally engulfed by the volcano. Thinking that the X-Men should perish, he leaves, satisfied. Shortly after, Phoenix blasts through the surface with Beast. The rest of the X-Men had been separated from them and are feared dead. Beast and Phoenix collapse in sheer exhaustion in the middle of Antarctica.

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(Classic X-Men #19 is a reprint of Uncanny X-Men (Vol 1) #113.)