Uncanny X-Men (Vol 1) #114: Desolation

Beast and Phoenix, having escaped the collapsing volcano, are picked up by a rescue helicopter. Phoenix goes crazy, trying to dig into the Earth to find Scott, the man she loves, but Beast fears that it is too late for the X-Men.

Unknown to Phoenix and Beast, the other X-Men survived by tunnelling through the Earth, ending up in the Savage Land. Tired and hungry, Banshee suggest they make for the nearest village on foot.

At the American research base in Antarctica, Beast re-establishes contact with the Avengers while Phoenix tries desperately to locate the X-Men. Due to Magneto’s tampering with the Earth’s magnetic field and hence her ability to use telepathy long-range.

When Jean returns to the mansion, she seeks out Xavier to share his grief in losing the X-Men.

Meanwhile in the Savage Land, Cyclops reflects on how he has failed the team. He is under the assumption that Beast and Phoenix perished when they were separated. His mind is diverted by the thought of Corsair, the stranger who seems so familiar and who knew his name. Memories of the tragic plane crash that claimed his parents when he was a child flood his mind when Storm interrupts. She thought Cyclops might need a friend to share the grief of losing Jean. Cyclops is distressed at the fact that he is unable to feel or mourn for Jean. Things had changed after the Phoenix incident, and he is left wondering if he still loved the woman that she had become.

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(Classic X-Men #20 is a reprint of Uncanny X-Men (Vol 1) #114.)