Uncanny X-Men (Vol 1) #125: There’s Something Awful on Muir Island!

Jean goes to Muir Island to Moira MacTaggart’s research facility in search of answers. The powers she gained as Phoenix scares her, yet it enthralls her to embrace it.

After the Savage Land and Japan, the X-Men who were thought dead by Jean finally returned to the mansion. Jean, having left the mansion, travelled and finally sought out Moira, is unaware of this fact.

During Jean’s travels, she meets many nice people, but unbeknownst to her, she was being stalked by an illusionist, Jason Wyngarde, who is in fact in Scotland watching her every move.

After taking breakfast with Lorna, Jean decides to take a walk outside. Hearing Moira’s distressed mental cry, Jean transforms into Phoenix and rushes to Moira, when suddenly, she finds herself in the 18th century. Phoenix is tackled by a mysterious mutant, bringing her out of her daze.

Meanwhile, in the middle of the night, Beast decides to pay a visit to the X-Men mansion which had been locked up since Jean and Xavier left. He is discovered intruding by Nightcrawler. Nightcrawler teleports to tell the X-Men who he had seen. Cyclops is thrilled to see his old friend Beast alive, and even more shocked to find out that Jean did not die when the volcano collapsed. Cyclops gives Moira a call to let her know the X-Men were paying a visit when a frantic Lorna answers Cyclops’ call with a cry for help.

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(Classic X-Men #31 is a reprint of Uncanny X-Men (Vol 1) #125.)