Uncanny X-Men (Vol 2) #172: Scarlet in Glory

Alex finds his brother in the office of their grandparents’ company. Scott is going through Madelyne’s files. He is not convinced of the concidences: Madelyne’s near-death experience and Jean’s death happening at the exact moment.

Alex: “Scott, Jean Grey is dead! Madelyne Pryor bears an uncanny resemblance to her--but that’s all!”
Scott: “I want to believe that, Alex, but things keep happening. From the moment we met, she and I behaved like people who’d known each other intimately, for years! On our first date, she offered to fix my favourite breakfast. When I asked how she knew what it was, she said ‘simple, I read minds’.”
Alex: “It’s an expression, Scott! She could have found out from grand’ma!”
Scott: “What about her crash?”
Alex: “Scott, you two are beautiful together. Why are you trying to destroy it?”
Scott: “I have to know the truth, Alex...Whatever the cost. Madelyne was the sole survivor...of a plane that crashed not only on the day Jean died...but at the exact same moment!”

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