Uncanny X-Men (Vol 2) #173: To Have and Have Not

Scott is invited to Logan and Mariko’s wedding. He brings Madelyne along as his date. As always, Madelyne’s uncanny resemblance to Jean has people doing a double-take.

Lilandra mistakens Madelyne for the Phoenix, “the evil one reborn” and intends to destroy her. Colossus stops Lilandra before she is able to attack Madelyne. Lilandra calms herself and apologises for her rash behaviour. Scott wishes he “could be as certain” as Xavier “that Madelyne isn’t Jean reincarnated”.

The guests are ushered inside to be seated for the Japanese wedding ceremony. Kitty is standing in as the maid of honor and asks that Scott and Madelyne keep an eye on her sleeping pet Lockheed. Madelyne discovers that Lockheed is a dragon and wonders what she has gotten herself into associating with the X-Men.

Mariko shocks everyone by calling off the wedding.

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