Uncanny X-Men (Vol 2) #351: Hours and Minutes

Scott and Jean are taking a much needed break from the X-Men following his injury. They are on their “second of three planes” bound for Alaska.

Jean frets over her husband’s discomfort. He reassures her that he can manage. She jests that Scott is the kind to grin and bear it, and she’s “surprised [he hasn’t] given [himself] an ulcer over all these years of conflict and hardship”.

She gives him an encouraging kiss to remind him to relax when they are back in Anchorage.

Across the aisle, a noisy passenger cannot help eavesdropping on their conversation. She is excited to find out that Scott and Jean will be staying in the same part of Anchorage as she and her husband, Chris.

Suddenly, Jean is attacked psychically. She tells Staci that she is having a migraine. Telepathically, she relays to Scott that there’s an entity somewhere on the plane that “wants to kill”.

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