X-Men (Vol 2) #71: A House in Order

Following Scott’s life threatening encounter, he and Jean are retiring to Alaska. Jean, unable to sleep, is telekinetically meditating, until Scott rolls onto his side and distracts Jean with his pain she felt through their psychic rapport. Jean leaves her husband to sleep while she continues to “gnaw” on whether it is a good idea for them to leave the X-Men.

Sam, Maggot, Hank, Bobby and Cecilia are having breakfast in the kitchen, and a little astounded by Marrow’s choice of food. Cecilia breaks the staring silence, inquiring if the overnight bone growth hurt Marrow. She responds by snapping the growth off her forehead and presenting it to Cecilia.

Jean arrives in the kitchen, to find Bobby leaving the table, grossed out. Hank is eager to examine Marrow’s bone after he sends Trish off. Cecilia shares her interest in the bone. Sam is annoyed by Marrow’s lack of table manners, and Marrow retaliates by creating a mess on the kitchen floor, stating she isn’t civilised enough to “know how to use a mop”. Marrow starts hitting on Jean, and Sam jumps in to defend her.

Later, Jean takes a walk on the mansion grounds and finds Ororo unearthing her personal treasures. Logan offers to give Jean and Scott and ride to the airport, to which Jean politely refuses. Both Ororo and Logan are still distrusting of the newcomers. When the three return to the mansion, Sam is preparing to chaperone Maggot and Cecilia into town. Cecilia is eager to get out regardless of “protocol”. Marrow gets into a tussle with Ororo regarding breaking ground rules.

Meanwhile in Venice's Hellfire Club quarters, Sebastian Shaw receives a letter from a mysterious source.

Bobby is driving Trish back to Manhattan. Hank bids Trish farewell with a smooch, which grosses Bobby out. Scott and Logan have a heart to heart talk about how they feel about the newcomers, and him and Jean leaving the team.

While out on the streets, Jean, Sam, Cecilia and Maggot witness news reports of the return of Ironman, the Fantastic Four and Captain America, redeeming Professor Xavier following the Onslaught encounter.

In Cairo, a package is being delivered to Ororo with urgency. An evil force has to be stopped.

Back in the mansion, Scott and Jean are preparing to leave. While Scott is second-guessing their decision to leave, Jean reassures him that the team will pull through. Everyone present except Marrow is on the porch to wave goodbye as the taxi pulls out of the mansion.

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