Uncanny X-Men (Vol 2) #354: Prehistory

At their home in Anchorage, Scott is “trying to get [his] powers back in line”. But the pain is distracting him and he is unable to focus his optic blast into a “thin beam straight through the center” of the chips he is eating.

From the kitchen, Jean wonders what all the commotion about. Scott tells her he is “making nachos the hard way”. She retorts with “more like making a mess the easy way”.

Coming to hug him from behind, Jean enquires after her husband, and he tells her that his pain is “making [him] lose [his] concentration” when practicing his powers.

Scott: “My power is what’s defined me for so many years and now i’ve lost that.”
Jean: “You are more than your powers, Scott Summers -- we all are. They may be a part of us, but they are not the totality of what we are.”

When Scott looks up as his wife walks around the couch towards the fireplace, he is surprised to find her in the green and gold Phoenix costume.

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