Uncanny X-Men (Vol 2) #355: North and South

No one is answering the phone at the Institute. Jean leaves a message for Logan regarding Department H.

Meanwhile, Jean is upset that Scott is reacting negatively to her dressed up as Phoenix, because of the past associated with the Phoenix. Enraged, she displays the fiery signature of the “Phoenix effect”.

Scott tries to calm her down so they do not draw attention to themselves, in order to start “normal lives”. He apologises for overreacting.

Scott: “You know that I saw you, or at least the woman that I thought was you...reborn in that costume, corrupted in that costume and killed in that costume.”

Seeing as how power corrupted Xavier when he became Onslaught, Scott wonders if there is more to Jean and her powers “than a new costume”. Jean explains that this new costume is something she wants to do for herself. She wants her new identity not to be associated with the Phoenix or Madelyne, but of her “rebirth”.

Jean: “I’m standing right in front of you, and I’m tired of their ghosts. I claimed the name ‘Phoenix’ as as part of a plan to claim this identity. To empower myself. I’m tired of suppressing my abilities just because I’m afraid that exploring them might bupset you. I want to be all I’m bcapable of being, and convince you that I can do that without becoming some nightmare woman in the process.”

This time it is Scott who tries to call the Institute and leaves a message. He is still worried about seeing Jean become Phoenix.

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