Hindsight Pt I

Wolverine is leaving the X-Men for personal reasons. Before he leaves, he bids farewell to various members of the team. Shadowcat, Colossus and Nightcrawler are interrupted in their Danger Room session. Scott and Jean are seen having a disagreement over a conflict between Scott and Wolverine. Rogue is upset to see him go. Just before he leaves, Xavier and Jean have a psychic attack.

Suddenly, Logan wakes up a year into the future, where he rescues a little girl, Erica, from a burning caravan that had collided with a train. One of the onlookers says an organization called the MRD is “looking for him”. The kind family of the little girl help Logan escape.

While recovering, Logan has a flashback of what happened. The Institute had been attacked and blown up. Xavier and Jean have gone missing. Logan wakes up at Erica’s house. The MRD receive reports of Wolverine hiding with the family. The MRD infiltrate the house and arrest the family. Wolverine escapes.

Logan returns to the derelict grounds of the Institute. He finds Hank still working in his laboratory in the basement. Hank is unable to determine the nature of the explosive meant to target Xavier. Wolverine and Beast team up to break Erica and her family out of MRD prison. They also free the imprisoned mutants, including Rusty, Boom Boom and Dust.

Logan plans to “bring back the X-Men”.

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