Hindsight Pt II

The Brotherhood of Mutants are planning to assassinate Senator Kelly, who is campaigning to have mutants registered, as well as launch the Sentinel programme that will hunt down mutants.

Worthington Industries is supporting Kelly’s campaign, despite Worthington’s son and heir to the family fortune, Warren, is a mutant. Warren is present at a Sentinel unveiling. The Sentinel immediately attacks Warren. Wolverine, Beast and Rogue come to his aid. Warren declines Beast’s invitation to return to the X-Men under the threat of disinheritance.

Logan tries to talk Rogue into returning to the X-Men, but she refuses. She is then approached by the Brotherhood of Mutants, led by Domino, to join their cause. The Brotherhood attack the Worthington house to gain information of Kelly’s itinerary from Warren’s father.

Scott is devastated at the loss of Jean and chases Logan out of his apartment. Logan has come to try to convince Scott to return, but to no avail.

Colossus has also turned Hank down. Warren approaches Logan and Wolverine with information on an assassination attempt on Kelly’s life at the next day’s press conference. Next, Logan and Hank try to get Iceman back. Bobby’s parents refuse to let their son return to the X-Men, but Bobby chooses to return of his own free will. They also pick up Kitty who is on board a ship to Genosha. Rogue returns to the X-Men and tells them of the assassination attempt.

The X-Men save Kelly’s life, only to realise that the Brotherhood of Mutants have set them up and Rogue betrayed the X-Men. The Mutant Registration Act is given the green light by the President.

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