Hindsight Pt III

Warren funds the rebuilding of the Institute.

Emma Frost appears at the X-Men’s doorstep with a proposal they cannot refuse. Her telepathic ability can help locate Xavier. Forge is reassigned back to working on Cerebro. Emma tracks Xavier to Genosha.

Scott is disappointed that only Xavier has been located, but agrees to return to the X-Men.

Emma is allowed on the team temporarily until they find Xavier. She convinces Cyclops to talk to Wolverine about letting her stay so she can help Cyclops find Jean.

They encounter Magneto. After a brief fight, Magneto leads them to Xavier. Xavier had been washed ashore Genosha a week ago, unconscious and comatose. The X-Men bring him back to the Institute. They receive a telepathic message from Xavier, twenty years into the future. A future where mutants are hunted down and killed by Sentinels. All the X-Men are dead in the future. To prevent this future from happening, Xavier urges the X-Men to band together and fight.

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