Foresight Pt I

The X-Men awaken to find Jean abducted. Logan’s investigation leads him to believe Emma betrayed them. Scott believes Emma can lead them to Jean and releases her from Logan’s imprisonment.

Logan contacts future-Xavier about Jean’s disappearance. Their conversation is cut short when future-Xavier is attacked and captured by the Sentinels. Mastermold proceeds to harness Xavier’s telepathy.

Quicksilver is accepted back at Genosha after capturing Senator Kelly for his father, Magneto. With Mystique disguised as Kelly, Magneto’s plan is to launch a Sentinel attack on Genosha so he can justify the start of his war against humans. Appalled by her father’s plan, the peace-loving Scarlett Witch warns Nightcrawler and the X-Men about the Sentinel attack on Genosha. Wolverine assembles the X-Men to stop the attack on Genosha.

Emma hurries back to the Hellfire Club. Jean is kept in the basement and Emma is greeted by the five Stepford Cuckoos. Emma has the Cuckoos go into hiding when she awakens Jean.

She tells Jean the history of the Phoenix Force, which has manifested in telepaths over the centuries, with records dating as far back as ancient Egypt. But the maturity of the Phoenix always brings about destruction. The Hellfire Club was formed to locate such telepaths, the most recent manifestation in Jean. Emma plans to release the Phoenix from Jean before maturity to stop the destruction from happening again.

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