Foresight Pt II

The X-Men encounter the Sentinel attack en route to Genosha and crash. The MRD are sent to apprehend the X-Men.

Jean refuses the help of Emma and the Hellfire Club until she has consulted with Xavier.

With the help of the Cuckoos, Emma proceeds to trick Jean to remove the psychic barriers put in her mind by Xavier when she was a child. Midway through the process, Emma is interrupted by Jean’s psychic rapport with Scott. She senses he is in trouble and forces Emma and the cuckoos out of her mind.

Emma wants to go back to the X-Men to “alleviate the problem”. The Hellfire Club question her motives and loyalty to the Club. Sebastian Shaw reveals to Emma the Club’s intention to “contain” the Phoenix Force using the Cuckoos, not destroy it. Shaw allows Emma to leave, and command the Cuckoos to proceed without Emma’s supervision.

Future-Xavier is saved from Mastermold by future-Wolverine. The future has not changed yet and Wolverine hopes his past self can still right the wrong he had caused.

Emma locates the X-Men and takes off with Cyclops. She believes Cyclops is the only one who can save Jean and stop the Phoenix. Wolverine takes off after them.

Mystique destroys the Sentinel base after the Sentinels have launched. Magneto hides his youngest, Lorna, just before the Sentinels attack Genosha. Beast and the rest of the X-Men arrive at the destroyed Sentinel base. Wolverine commands them to “secure some MRD choppers” and wait for Magneto’s next move.

Future-Xavier, future-Wolverine and the future-X-Men regroup, without Marrow. Future-Wolverine reveals he has found Mastermold.

Emma leads Cyclops to the Hellfire Club. They are overpowered by the Hellfire Club. Emma admits defeat to save Cyclops’s life.

Scarlett Witch disapproves of Magneto’s ulterior motive of sacrificing Genosha to start his war against mutants. She walks out on him. Despite the loyalty to Magneto exhibited by Quicksilver, he is still passed over in favour of his sister to lead the battle by Magneto’s side. Nevertheless, the war has begun.

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