Foresight Pt III

S.H.I.E.L.D. and the X-Men battle against Magneto, his army and the Sentinels he now controls.

The Hellfire Club reveals Emma had instigated the psychic attack on the X-Men over a year ago, hoping to take out the X-Men and take Jean. In order to protect the X-Men, the Phoenix manifested. After losing Jean, Emma plants Xavier on Genosha, and gains the trust of the X-Men after finding Xavier. She then uses the X-Men to find Jean. The Cuckoos finally succeed in tricking Jean to release the Phoenix.

Future-Xavier attempts to relay a message to Wolverine in the past to “trust Emma”, but the message is not fully relayed as Wolverine is on his way to the Hellfire Club.

In the future, the X-Men might for their very survival against the Sentinels, in hopes of destroying Mastermold.

Magneto’s war rages on. With the Phoenix Force in the Cuckoos, Shaw commands them to “crush the Sentinels, destroy the X-Men and burn Genosha to the ground”.

Jean wants Emma to “pay for what [she’s] done”. Cyclops tells her the pressing issue is to stop the Phoenix. Emma warns Jean that the Phoenix will likely return to Jean. Jean is willing to make that sacrifice to save the world. Emma offers to help but Cyclops refuses.

Magneto is overpowered by the Phoenix and retreats.

In the future, the Sentinels are destroyed by Polaris. Mastermold reveals itself.

Wolverine tracks down Emma but Jean and Cyclops have already gone. Wolverine decides to trust Emma and releases her.

The Phoenix encounters Jean and is about to repossess her when Cyclops blasts the Phoenix away. Emma steps in the path between Phoenix and Jean and transforms into her diamond form to contain the Phoenix. She gives her life, shattering her diamond form and releasing the Phoenix into the sky.

Scarlett Witch banishes Magneto and Quicksilver from Genosha and rebuilds the sanctuary with her sister Lorna.

Back at the Institute, Rogue is welcomed back. The X-Men gather around Xavier’s body, where future-Xavier greets them. In the future, the war with the Sentinels have been averted, but a new war has begun. The age of Apocalypse.

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