X-Factor #11: Redemption!

Beast and Iceman return to rescue more Morlocks “despite their injuries”. They encounter more Marauders. Iceman has Leech make a run for safety, thereby allowing Iceman and Beast’s mutant powers to return to them, to better defend against the Marauders.

Cyclops and Jean find the severely injured Angel with the help of Artie. Angel had been saved from certain death by Thor. Cyclops encourages Artie to continue to convey Angel’s messages. Artie does not comprehend the nature of Angel’s message to Marvel Girl and is only able to project a visual, of the two of them embracing. Cyclops is jealous and mistakenly assumes that Marvel Girl has returned Angel’s affections because he is married and cannot be with her. Cyclops, Marvel Girl and Artie catch up with Beast and Iceman, and find them under attack.

Beast and Iceman had stumbled upon the turf of the Tunnelers. The Tunnelers, having been previously attacked by the Marauders, are merely defending themselves from another supposed attack. The Tunnelers stand down after recognising they are not the Marauders. The Tunnelers agree to ally themselves with X-Factor (known to them as the X-Terminators).

Cyclops, not knowing that Warren had been exposed, communicates with Cameron for an ambulance. The leader of the Tunnelers confronts Cyclops about him belonging to X-Factor, the mutant hunters. Cyclops explains that the X-Terminators are X-Factor, and X-Factor is working under a guise to protect mutants.

The injured Morlocks are brought back to the X-Factor complex. The Tunnelers are now unwilling to ally themselves with X-Factor and take their leave. They encounter some angry and violent humans, whom they inadvertently injure. This is reported live on the news as Scott and Jean see Warren into the ER. They recognise one of the casualties as a result of the doings of Masque. Cyclops and Marvel Girl rush off to the pier to stop the Tunnelers from attacking the police who are holding them at gunpoint.

Apocalypse recruits his next horseman, War.

Cyclops feels responsible for any deaths the Tunnelers, Berzerker, Scaleface and Masque, should cause because he insisted bring them back to the X-Factor complex. Marvel Girl puts up a shield as the police fire their weapons, allowing Cyclops to approach the Tunnelers. Scaleface gets killed by the police and Berzerker turns on Cyclops, blaming him for “drag[ging] [them] out of the alley” and disrupting their way of life. Cyclops blasts Berzerker into the pier. The police stop their attacks and Cyclops and Marvel Girl leave with Masque, having lost this battle.

Scott and Jean return to the hospital. The surgeon has bad news waiting for them. Warren’s wings will have to be amputated to save his life.

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