X-Factor #12: Boom Boom Boom!

Warren is livid at the surgeon’s diagnosis to amputate his wings. He would rather die with his broken wings than be made “human”.

Back at the X-Factor complex, Beast and Iceman are having their hands full taking care of all the Morlocks.

Boom-Boom calls X-Factor and wants them to help deal with her problem with the Vanisher after a deal with him has gone south. Hank and Bobby go in search of Boom-Boom, trusting the Morlocks not to get into trouble back at the complex. Caliban offers to help Hank and Bobby.

Scott and Jean stay with Warren at the hospital. During the media coverage of an attack made on “relatives of an alleged mutant”, Jean’s sister, Sara, is interviewed on television. Jean is touched that after all the evil the Dark Phoenix has portrayed her to be, Sara is still standing up for her, and at the same, fearful for Sara’s safety as she is making herself a prime target by defending mutants publicly.

Scott urges Jean to reach out to her family to make sure they are safe. Jean is hesitant, feeling “disconnected” since she “died”. Ultimately, she makes the phone call, but no one picks up. Jean starts to panic. With her telepathy gone, the only way to make sure Sara is safe is to go to her in person.

Beast and Iceman are having their hands full with Boom-Boom as she causes a nuisance in town. After a chase, they manage to convince Boom-Boom to return with them.

Apocalypse recruits his third horseman, Famine.

Scott and Jean find an empty house at Sara’s residence and no sign of her. Jean does not understand why Scott has given up so easily on trying to get in touch with Madelyne because she refuses to answer his calls. The phone rings and Jean answers, hoping Sara is on the other line. It is a mutant hater, and he sets off a bomb after Scott and Jean have walked into his trap. They are saved by Jean’s telekinetic forcefield. Jean regrets not reaching out to her family sooner.

Cameron visits Warren in the hospital. Cameron reports that Worthinton Enterprises is danger of financial ruin. But Warren has resigned to the fact that he will die, and intends to bequeath the remainder of his fortune to X-Factor in his will.

Scott and Jean return to the hospital after the trip to Sara’s house. Scott tells Jean that he intends to return to Alaska to confront Madelyne. Scott “assumed she simply didn’t want any more to do with [him]”, but on second thought thinks that maybe Madelyne left the house after receiving threats similar to the one Sara received. Or worse, something bad may have happened. He is still responsible for the safety of his wife and son.

Jean is torn between her selfish desire to keep Scott close to her, and letting him go and be a responsible husband and father. In the end, she does let him go.

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