X-Men (Vol 2) #62: Games of Deceit & Death Pt I

Shang Chi makes his way onto the Southern Coast of Scotland in the night. British Secret Service agent Clive Reston wanted to meet with him face-to-face. Shang suspects that he is being followed by his late father’s “elite order of assassins”, supposedly disbanded after his father’s death. Shang has no difficulty fighting the ninjas, until they start unleashing weaponry on him.

Wolverine arrives on scene and drives the ninjas away. Reston had also contacted him with information “that may prove vital to the survival of mutants on the planet”. The two men start attacking each other. Storm and Cannonball show up to break up the fight.

After some “civil introductions”, Shang wanders around and senses a presence, compromising Phoenix’s telepathic cover. After Cyclops and Phoenix’s cover had been blown, Reston comes out of hiding. After brief introductions, Reston reveals that Sebastian Shaw expressed interest in the “elixir vitae” created by Shang’s father. Cyclops speculates that Shaw thinks the elixir might be the cure of the Legacy Virus and wants to exploit it for his own gains.

Shang and the X-Men make their way to Hong Kong. They get ambushed in traffic with an exploding limo and a group of ninjas who attacked Shang before in Scotland.

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