X-Men (Vol 2) #63: Games of Deceit & Death Pt II

Chaos ensues in the streets of Hong Kong while Shang Chi and the X-Men battle the ninjas. Shang learns more about the X-Men as he observes them fighting as a team. Wolverine threatens the injured ninjas while Phoenix questions them about whether Sebastian Shaw has acquired the “Elixir Vitae”.

To their shock and horror, Sebastian Shaw, whom they believe to be dead, appears before them. Shaw taunts Phoenix about the Dark Phoenix incident. This ignites a rage within Phoenix, who promptly proceeds to drop a car onto Shaw. But this move only strengthens Shaw, whose mutation allows him to absorb force inflicted on him and makes him stronger. Wolverine calms Phoenix down while Storm threatens to strike at Shaw’s weak spot. Shaw agrees to talk. Wolverine discovers that Cannonball has mysteriously vanished.

At the Hellfire Club’s residence in Hong Kong, the issue of the Dark Phoenix is bothering Jean, though technically she wasn’t the one who became the Dark Phoenix. Cyclops comes to check on his wife.

Jean: [Thoughts.] Why is this bothering me so? It’s not like I was the one who was twisted into the Dark Phoenix -- whose soul was corrupted absolutely by power absolute...So what do I have to be worried about?
Scott: “Let me guess -- I’ve finally infected your brain with my brooding...? Wanna talk about it, Jean?”
Jean: “Eventually, babe. Right now, I just want you to hold me. I don’t know what it is Scott -- But with all our past ‘ghosts’ recently come back to haunt us, I can’t shake the feeling -- something’s waiting for us just over the horizon. Something...Sinister.”

Meanwhile, Storm, Shang and Wolverine discuss the Legacy Virus and Shang’s father’s elixir with Shaw. While Legacy is supposed to infect only mutants, Moria MacTaggert’s contraction of the virus, and her not being a mutant, is cause for concern. Shang’s father had died because of the miracle serum that could be the key to immortality, but Shaw is determined to take advantage of the situation that is “mutually beneficial for humanity, as well as [him]self”.

Shaw takes his leave to meet up with Dr Rory Campbell in secret, who possess vital information to a cure for Legacy.

Later, Storm, Wolverine, Cyclops and Phoenix make their way through a fog generated by Storm’s abilities to the corporate headquarters of the Fujikawa Enterprises. Cannonball is revealed to be a double agent. While he tries to cover up the X-Men’s infiltration into the facility, the chief operating officer of the enterprise, Kingpin, had been expecting them.

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