X-Men (Vol 2) #64: Games of Deceit & Death Pt III

The X-Men are confronted by the Kingpin while trying to sneak into the complex to secure the cure for the Legacy Virus lest it fall into the wrong hands. Wolverine resorts to violence right away, but the Kingpin had planned for this. With a now captive Cannonball, the Kingpin threatens to use him as a test subject for the supposed cure to the Legacy Virus unless the X-Men “confess who it was that sent [them]”. It could be a life or death situation for Cannonball as the vaccine could protect him from the virus or make him a victim of the virus.

Meanwhile, Sebastian Shaw has managed to sneak into the Fujikawa complex by the docking bay.

Back in the complex, Cyclops distracts the Kingpin and tries to threaten him to hand over the elixir while Phoenix rescues Cannonball from the clutches from the Kingpin’s contraption. Cyclops refuses to stand by and let the innocent suffer while the Kingpin “hoards [the elixir] for [his] own purposes”. The Kingpin is the least bit unnerved.

After being forced to abdicate his seat as the “master of the American criminal underworld” by Daredevil, the Kingpin sought to take advantage of the “growing schism within the oriental crime syndicate” and thus came to acquire the elixir which will bring him millions. The Kingpin also questions the intent of their alleged ally, Shaw.

Someplace elsewhere, Jubilee has been captured by a man named Bastion, who heads Operation: Zero Tolerance.

The X-Men gather to discuss how to tackle the situation with Kingpin. Storm comes to a conclusion that the only solution is to destroy the elixir. The Kingpin would have done the same rather than surrender it. Suddenly, Shaw emerges from under the floor. The Kingpin summons his ninjas, and Wolverine and Cannonball prepare to do battle.

Storm seizes the moment to call upon her powers and destroys the Kingpin’s laboratory which promptly resolves any problems on all sides.

The X-Men board a private jet back to the United States. They reflect on the decision they had to make, sacrificing perhaps the only cure to the Legacy Virus. Suddenly, Phoenix experiences a psychic attack which knocks her unconscious. The X-Men’s jet had been hijacked by Operation: Zero Tolerance.

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