X-Men (Vol 3) #14: First to Last Pt IV

2.7 million years ago, the Eternals are making final preparations to equip the Evolutionaries with the power, skills and armory necessary to carry out their mission. But the Eternals are unable to help them any further as they have already broke the celestial rules by creating the Evolutionaries.

In the present, the Evolutionaries are disappointed that Magneto has chosen to side with the X-Men and now “defend mankind”. He is not the ruthless leader they once knew him as.

The Evolutionaries command the White Queen to surrender Cyclops to them or they will incapacitate her, into the state she once was in when she was in the asylum years ago.

Back in the past, the X-Men put up a fight but are unable to stop Magneto from capturing Emma. As the Brotherhood leaves, Magneto buries the X-Men, or thought he did. He tells the Evolutionaries that killing his “own people” was an “acceptable [loss]” to win a battle.

In the present, seeing as even Magneto is unable to defeat the Evolutionaries, the White Queen is disobeying Cyclops and planning to telepathically attack the Evolutionaries. Then she senses the attack on Celeste. Cyclops sends for the device to stop the Evolutionaries but the scientists do not know how to operate it.

Back in the past, Jean saves the X-Men from being buried by holding up the debris with her telekinesis. Xavier read Toad’s thoughts and knows that Magneto plans to “connect” with “every mutant mind on earth” so he can “show the Evolutionaries that he is the leader of mutantkind”. Scott orders Warren to fly him to the mansion to buy time to stop Magneto before the rest of the X-Men can get back to the mansion.

Magneto arrives at the mansion. Quicksilver’s warning was a ploy to draw all the X-Men away from the mansion so they can infiltrate Cerebro and carry out Magneto’s plan. With the help of Emma, Magneto reaches out to all the mutants.

In the present, Cyclops reveals himself to the Evolutionaries after escaping from being held in sanctuary. His memories have been “broadcast” to everyone and Magneto remembers why the Evolutionaries sought him out.

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