X-Men (Vol 3) #15: First to Last Pt V

In the past, Scott and Warren arrive to stop Magneto. Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver choose to stand up to Magneto and together with Scott and Warren, try to take down Magneto and the Evolutionaries. Quicksilver sees his sister get hurt as he is taking Emma to safety. The Evolutionaries see that Magneto does not have control over even his own team and questions his leadership.

In the present, the Evolutionaries ask Magneto again if he will rise up and lead the mutants. Magneto resists the Evolutionaries because the first time he agreed to their plan, his children turned against him and “it cost [him] everything”.

Back in the past, Xavier returns to the mansion to face Magneto and the Evolutionaries. Without his helmet, Magneto is susceptible to Xavier’s telepathic attacks and Xavier renders him unconscious.

In the present, Cyclops is unable to talk the Evolutionaries into stopping the extinction, and calls for the “device” to be brought to him. He has seen the “device” being used on the Evolutionaries before when Hank used it to separate the Evolutionaries from the “cosmic rays” that gave them eternal life and power. It ended up killing the Evolutionaries that approached them in the past.

In the past, all but one Evolutionary is left standing after Hank’s device kills the others. Scott begs him not to kill humanity. Weakened, the Evolutionary retreats, but states that the Evolutionaries will return when mutantkind has evolved further. Scott promises to lead mutantkind through the worst and survive. The Evolutionary accepts Scott’s pledge and names him the leader of mutantkind. Before he leaves, the Evolutionary wipes the memories of the X-Men and the Brotherhood, but Jean helps preserve Scott’s memory of the past.

In the present, the Evolutionary remembers Cyclops’ promise and how he had failed. He begins his global execution of humankind. Cyclops orders the “device” to be used on the Evolutionary, rendering him powerless for a few minutes until he rebuilds his armour.

Cyclops names the X-Men the saviour of mutantkind. They do not need the Evolutionaries to survive. Insulted that the X-Men are ungrateful, the Evolutionary wishes ill on them and leaves, vowing to return to seek revenge on Cyclops. The X-Men are left shaken by the ordeal.

In the past, after the Evolutionary left, Emma broke herself out of the asylum. Tensions arose within the Brotherhood. The X-Men find themselves with no memory of what had happened over the past two days. Jean catches Scott worrying about the future of mutantkind and their survival. She worries about him bearing such a heavy burden, but is reassured that no matter what happens, “[he’ll] be there to save [them]”.

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