Wolverine #117: A Divine Image

In Mexico, Mustang tries to warn the bus of new patients that they’ll be turned into cyborgs at the clinic. He shows them where the X-Men are hiding, the ones who discovered the plot. Suddenly, three of the patients transform into Prime Sentinels and attack the X-Men.

Scanning their minds, Phoenix discovers that these once human Sentinels have barely any consciousness left. One Sentinel resorts to taking a patient hostage. When another patient tries to free her, the Sentinel fries him. The hostage fights back and damages the Sentinel’s circuitry and the Sentinel fries her as well. The X-Men take out the Sentinels. The two dead patients are revealed to be part machine. Some of the patients are horrified at what have been done to them, but others are still thankful for the technology that lets them walk again. The X-Men wonder how many patients who have come to this clinic have been converted into fully-operational Prime Sentinels.

Meanwhile, Bastion has other matters on his hands. An escaped Israeli agent with “information that could...damage them”. He immobilises a whole group of Sentinels and makes a phone call to Dr Prospero to demand for more Prime Sentinels.

Outside the clinic, the X-Men make their plan of attack. Wolverine smells something in the air and sneaks off.

Jubilee escaped from the Hulkster Base and is wandering through the desert. Suddenly she encounters a Sentinel but Wolverine comes to her rescue. He and Jubilee rejoin the X-Men at the clinic. Jubilee is more than happy to be reunited with her team mates.

According to plan, Cyclops, Wolverine, Storm and Cannonball break into the clinic while Phoenix stays outside as backup, with Jubilee. The four X-Men enter to find the entire place trashed. Mustang and the other patients have destroyed the clinic and are planning to burn the clinic.

Bastion received news that the clinic had been destroyed. He is informed, however, that among that group is a “special Hunter Killer with the third generation mutant tracking suites and the enhanced weapon package” that could be activated remotely. This Prime Sentinel turns out to be Mustang.

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