Wolverine #118: Out of Darkness into Light

With their friend Mustang completely transformed into a Prime Sentinel, the X-Men have no choice but to take him down. Wolverine is insistent that he can get through to Mustang, and orders Cyclops (his optic blasts would kill Mustang on contact) and Cannonball to evacuate the others.

Seeing Wolverine did not make it out of the building with Cyclops, Cannonball and the others, Jubilee dashes into the clinic to find him. Meanwhile Storm spots “hundreds of Sentinels approaching from the horizon”.

Wolverine tries to relate his own personal experience being turned into a living weapon to Mustang to revive his consciousness. Mustang blasts him in the chest instead. Just then, Jubilee appears and uses her plasma blasts to destroy Mustang’s eyes. Blinded again, Mustangs consciousness surfaces as he mourns the loss of his sight again.

As the Sentinels in the sky approach, the X-Men realise that the Sentinels are actually retreating from S.H.I.E.L.D. fighter jets trying to take down Bastion’s ship. One of the Sentinels however manages to outmaneouvre the fighter jets and homes in on Cyclops. The Sentinel appears to show some struggle for consciousness, and Cyclops resists taking him out. But it proves to be a bad move and Cyclops is severely injured by the Sentinel’s blasts. As Phoenix tends to her husband, Storm fries the Sentinel with lightning. Consumed with rage, Phoenix telekinetically “pulls” the nanotechnology from the Sentinel’s body.

A S.H.I.E.L.D. team arrives with a medical team to check on the injured and dispatches ground troops to take out the other Sentinels. Storm learns from the head-of-command that it was Senator Kelly who pulled the plug on Operation: Zero Tolerance.

Meanwhile, the medics make a startling discovery. Cyclops had been implanted with mysterious object. The X-Men scramble to get Cyclops back to the mansion quickly. Phoenix generates a “psi-cocoon” to stabilise Cyclops while Storm prepares one of S.H.I.E.L.D.’s planes. Wolverine had collected disks from the clinic that contain data of their “Sentinel conversions” and hopes that it would help reverse the process on Mustang.

Cyclops comes to in the plane. He tells the X-Men that he believes he was implanted with a bomb, and it is “spreading” within him.

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