X-Men: Ronin #3: Hell

Emma’s illusions affect the entire public. They now see the X-Men as monsters. The police start fighting the X-Men, allowing Emma to escape. But not before Emma psychically knocks out Wolverine.

The X-Men hide in an alley. Cyclops blasts the alley into the sewers, creating an escape route for Storm and an unconscious Wolverine. Cyclops quickly deals with the police and rejoins Storm and Wolverine in the sewers.

At the X-Mansion, Marvel Girl is being bombarded by the curious paparazzi wanting to know more about the monsters who claim to be the X-Men.

Meanwhile at the Hellfire Club, Emma is being reprimanded by the leader of the Hellfire club, who is revealed to be the father of both Emma and Tessa. The leader tells Emma that she is being suspended for becoming a “liability” to the organisation.

Cyclops and Storm seek shelter at Master Toad’s hideout in the sewers. They leave Wolverine in Master Toad’s care and plan their next course of action. Suddenly, they realise that Marvel Girl is left alone in the X-Mansion. Cyclops rushes back to the X-Mansion to check on her while Storm seeks the help of Forge.

Meanwhile, Marvel Girl is following the news. She is enraged at the accusations and bursts into flames again.

Forge tries to persuade Storm to turn herself into the police, and tells her that the police have gone to the X-Mansion to round up the rest of the mutants in the house. Jean’s kidnappers quickly take out the police, but are confronted by Marvel Girl who had turned into the Phoenix.

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