Phoenix: Endsong #3: Part Three

Storm and Nightcrawler confront the Shi’ar Destroyer. The Shi’ar is here for the sole purpose of exterminating the Phoenix. They take off and Storm and Nightcrawler give chase.

Angel returns to the mansion with news of Phoenix’s whereabouts. Cyclops orders the Blackbird to be prepped with the containment egg, despite it still unfinished. Cyclops has Colossus remain behind. Colossus is the only one who has the capacity to take out the Phoenix, and Cyclops wishes to be able to save Jean.

In the forest where Wolverine has tracked Phoenix to, Phoenix is toying with him before deciding when she wanted to kill him.

The X-Men are headed in Wolverine’s direction when they encounter the Shi’ar Destroyer, as well as Storm and Nightcrawler. Without warning, The Shi’ar fired on Phoenix and Wolverine. It is assumed that they are destroyed as no trace of them are detected. The Shi’ar is prepared to go after Quentin, as with Jean’s body destroyed, the Phoenix is most likely to assume him as its new host. Storm and Nightcrawler forced themselves onto the Shi’ar Destroyer to make sure that the Shi’ar do not kill Quentin.

Meanwhile, the Stepford Cuckoos have alerted to the White Queen that Wolverine and the Phoenix are in fact alive. The Phoenix is keeping Wolverine alive to use him as bait to lure Cyclops to her. For a moment, Jean is in control and urges Wolverine to kill her before Phoenix has the chance. Over and over again he tries, and Jean seizes the chance to bury herself and Phoenix deep in the frozen ground.

The X-Men arrive as Jean’s body lies buried underground. But the Phoenix force yearns for Cyclops so much so as to venture forth on its own without a host body to seize him.

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